Brief Introduction To Olive Tree Health Science

History is full of testimony relating to us olive oil’s contribution to humans’ health, diet, economy, religions and arts. As civilizations rose and fell, countless olive trees outlived them whilst providing their populations nourishment, therapy, fuel and light.

Today, after industrialization, the global production of olive oil is around 3 million tonnes a year. That represents around 90 million olives trees being farmed globally. As industrialization greatly increased production quantities, the focus on preserving the olives delicate qualitative nature has been compromised. What was originally used primarily as a medicine has suffered the forces of industrial mechanization and profit margins.

Cleanthi Alpha-Olenic Ltd has pioneered in creating a patented system which focuses on carefully protecting and collecting the bioactive compounds in the olive whilst employing in-house built technology to supply the growing demand for medicinal grade, therapeutic olive tree products. We have reviewed and researched countless scientific studies on the phytochemical composition of olives, oil, water and leaves and more importantly, the bio-activity of these natural compounds.

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